Tuesday, July 25, 2006 :::

soldiers of the abyss

sarah's birthday was on saturday, and as I said we rented a room.
we played some soul cal 3, some tekken 5, and some tmnt.
aaaaaaand we watched indiana jones~
it was great fun, and I had these... really awesome... oh gawd, I can't remember what they're called. they're a girly drink made by jack daniels... omg they were ~amazing~
I was sad sarah didn't like 'em, but I drank them all.
indiana jones was great fun - I'm gonna agree with sarah and say the last one is the best.

I've also got all these screenshots I wanna share, but ugh this whole not-having-a-real-site is annoying.
I need a copy of photoshop to rebuild my photos folder, and I need a copy of dreamweaver for... well, everything else, really.
and the thing that made mcrough so awesome, since I doubt I'll be able to get all this worked out very soon - he got me a prairie dog.
not irl, in WoW... but let me tell you he must have gone through a load of trouble for it.

oh and another thing, before I go - comments are down...
and yes, I freely admit, I've been spending my free time (and some not-so-free-time) playing WoW instead of working on my site... but it's quite frustrating w/out having the apps I'm familiar with.
and I think I may be paying for 3 hosting plans atm... I've gotta remember to look into that.
think I'm gonna keep whichever one has cpanel, though it's not the same cpanel I'm used to.

I love you sam!
I promise I'll pay you for hosting if you let me!

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