Friday, July 21, 2006 :::

strange names and strange games

tomorrow is sarah's birthday and I just finished reserving a hotel room~
I'm stoked... think I'm gonna head up there right at check in time and lounge about in the tub.
depending on what time I get up tomorrow.
which depends on what time I go to bed tonight.
and we all know that depends how much WoW I play.

slave just told me... "you have this streak of meanness that the pope fighting a demon wouldn't see"
and not 10 seconds after that he says "you define the 8th level of hell at times"
he's claiming I've been mean to him all week, but can not recall anything in particular.
convenient, eh?
I think he's just pouty 'cause I spend a lot of time playing WoW now, and not so much time chatting with him.
he got a diff job and therefore different hours, so I can't help not seeing him very often.

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