Friday, July 07, 2006 :::

well I thought it was scary...

I had this nightmare last night...
and it was quite frantic, I promise
I was searching and searching and searching
but I couldn't ever find
a matching pair of socks.

now I know that seems pretty ridiculous, but I'm about ocd when it comes to socks.
I love that fresh-out-of-the-package, new sock feeling... and mostly I throw my old socks away... like... 3 months after first use.
it's kinda weird, I know... but it's me.
I hafta fight the urge to pick up a package of new socks every time I go to walmart (or any other store that sells socks)
so yes... that was my nightmare.

what else?
not much has been going on... I'm still playing WoW most of the time.
got in a fight with my sister last night, for a pretty dumb reason.
aaaaaaaand... that's really it.
all this WoW I'm playing doesn't make for interesting blog posts, huh.
think me & lus are getting together on saturday, and I've pretty much made plans with kyle for sunday night.
overall I'm quite content to just sit at home playing WoW 'till sunrise, w/out having to bother with dating.
both lus & I are quite proud of me.

... well... with the me-not-having-to-date bit, not the me-turning-into-an-mmo-whore bit.

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