Friday, August 25, 2006 :::


so this is... bad...
my /images/ folder is about half as full as it should be and the index is missing
my /photos/ folder has the index but all the galleries are gone
my /about/ is completely gone - thank gawd for google's cache
buuuut my main index page looks to be intact, though my /blog/ folder is empty
the blog thing isn't necessarily bad, since everything's stored on blogger & where ever I happen to be hosted at the time (these last few days it's been hopping around a bit), but I'll be quite upset if I lost the template I used to use.
*crossing fingers*

so here goes guys. see you on the other side.

on and haha - I uploaded the pics to get my myspace back to normal, and now I'm switching dns again so it'll be fubar'ed again.

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