Thursday, October 05, 2006 :::

about that...

so this past friday I met some of budd's friends. we went over to his buddy who dresses up as devil jin's house.
it was... interesting.
like, I thought I was a tekken fan. compared to these guys, I've only played tekken before, can't consider myself a fan.
thought about javi-er the whole time I was there.
milkdud showed up ('cause the bastard had my debit card) and we pretty much cracked jokes at or about budd. fun times.

I have no idea what happened saturday.
think we ate at ihop?
no telling.

sunday we went out for lunch with another of budd's friends... felt like I was intruding, honestly.
then we all went back to budd's and they played a bit of metal slug (that game is fun to watch), then we watched the first part of dune... the pilot for firefly came on (can you believe budd's never seen firefly? that's an automatic -10,000,000 points for him) that I strained to watch... I'd planned on making him watch all of firefly this coming weekend, but since it's wsg weekend I don't think I will.

don't recall anything happening after that. and I guess now we're caught up to speed.
as I mentioned a bit last night, mcrough and I went out to the ph. I love that guy. we had a few drinks, ate a lot of chips and queso, and mostly just talked about nothing.
I had a really good time, and I think maybe that was the break I'd been wanting.
so hopefully I won't be such a whiny little emo person anymore.

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