Tuesday, October 24, 2006 :::

heard about you in a country love song

so I had a wonderful weekend, despite the circumstances.
my truck's working atm, so hopefully I won't be so moody.

friday we... hm... I have no idea what we did friday.
we were supposed to go watch the marine w/ beanakin, but he didn't ever respond.
oh right, we went to fazzoli's and then I promptly fell asleep.

saturday... we ordered domino's.
I played some WoW, and he played some ps2 game.
I sang assorted bits of several songs from the mary poppins soundtrack (you know you want it, so here it is: David Tomlinson, Dick Van Dyke & The Londoners - Mary Poppins (Original Soundtrack))
and I think that's mostly it.

sunday... hm...
we went out to dinner for one of his friend's birthday.
and that's pretty much it.

last night we hung out a bit.
and that brings us up to date.

and WoW.
my rogue [finally] hit 55. my priest is 52.
this coming weekend is a battleground holiday, so I plan on pvp'ing for hours.
budd is not looking forward to it.
I'm about willing to bet it'll be me & mcrough trucking along.

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