Tuesday, October 31, 2006 :::

I want to have your abortion

so with the time change, I've been going to bed and waking up ~much~ earlier than usual.
(I didn't make any changes to my alarm clock - in only a few short months it'll go back to being right [and the clock on the wall, which is right now, will go back to being wrong]... but I've gotta remember to set the clock on my coffee machine)
my license has been missing for two mondays now, so I'm not sure wtf. I guess if I hafta order another, I may as well put my address here instead of back home. I wouldn't go so far as to say my staying here is set in stone, but I think I am leaning more towards staying than going home.
now I know what you're thinking - another dumb choice by tinafish! staying in lubbock because of a guy [again]. not true, though. well it is, but probably not the guy you're thinking of. r00 and I had been talking about getting a place together, but that's not gonna work out (unless I wanna move to wherever he's decided to stay).

in other news... my priest hit rank 8 this week.
as always, I'm irrationally stoked. I'll post a screenshot as soon as aegwynn comes back up, and we can all bask in the glory that is me being obsessed w/ pvp.
people keep pointing out that the whole honor/rank/pvp system's gonna change with the expansion... I've got no particular reason to keep playing like I have been, aside from that the expansion's not out right this moment. I'll most likely keep this up 'till it changes.

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