Monday, October 02, 2006 :::

we all knew it was coming

I dunno... I just feel a bit angsty... almost sick to my stomach, honestly.
this whole thing with budd... it's quaint.
and the things that bother me, they're not even his fault.
unless you consider him being green his fault.
I mean, it's not like he's doing things purposely.
just... he doesn't know any better.

think the big one is, he doesn't seem to know the difference btwn when I say something to him as a counterpart, and when I say something to him as just a random person.
it's to the point where I'm just gonna give him the dumbed down version of everything, rather than risk everyone he talks to knowing things about me most of my friends don't know.
and yes, I know I should talk to him about this... but I think he'd probably handle something like this better on the net, rather than deal with me looking at him the whole time. it seems to kind of creep him out, 'cause yeah... I tend to study his reactions.

I did manage to squeeze in a talk about being honest...
but I've been putting off going into detail about the whole my david/nicc extravaganza.
partly 'cause that's a tough subject to cover, and partly 'cause I'm concerned he'll decide to blog about it, or something equally absurd.
lol - while I sit here blogging.
gawd knows if I'm gonna publish this or not.
and I'm changing dns atm, so not like anyone can read this.

I dunno.
guess when it comes down to it, I really liked being alone.
and spending 3 straight days with anyone is really trying.

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