Wednesday, October 11, 2006 :::

what's the glory in living

milkdud's birthday was on monday... we all went out for a bit late sunday night, and for a few hours monday night too.
on monday... I had a few drinks. quite a few. and I didn't hardly get a good buzz off it... it was pretty weird, considering I drank at least twice as much as last time I was out with mcrough.
oh wells.

not much else has been going on, though.
my dad's gonna go home to visit cammy later this week.
I kinda wanna go too.
I got a jury summons and I think that'd be a valid reason to head down for a few days.

went to walmart with my sis last night... bought some jeans, a brown tshirt (quite glorious, I assure you), and a new hoodie.
also some other stuff... sheets or something, I think... and juice... lol... I don't even know.
I do remember the brown shirt, though, 'cause I'm wearing it now. and the jeans. and the hoodie.
she didn't like the jeans - she made some comment about them being ugly, so I promptly put them into my cart.
oh and I bought slippers! my cookie monster slippers have been on their last leg for months now, and I've been meaning to buy some monty python slippers from think geek. that never happened, and they had big fuzzy slippers at walmart, so now I own big fuzzy monster slippers.

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