Wednesday, January 10, 2007 :::

but your mom does that thing with her tongue

budd & I went out for dinner at a restaurant last night... a sit-down, free-bread, cloth-napkin restaurant.
it was a nice gesture, and I'm glad he enjoyed himself.
after dinner we roamed about hastings for a while.

we've got an hr meeting tomorrow morning, at 08.
I'd be hilarious, imo, if they were like, "you're all fired," since the announcement that we were being closed came during an 'hr meeting' as well.

I've been sleeping a lot lately. more than usual, even.
I got up early this morning, with the intention of mailing rob's zelda... but I'd forgotten the battery in my alarm box was dead, so I couldn't turn off my truck's alarm. I left a note for my dad to leave my spare keys for me, and I went back to bed.
which seems to be working out well, since tomorrow I've gotta be up at ass o'clock for that meeting.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about quitting WoW.
since I won't be able to play at work, it still seems like the right choice.
and I changed netflix plans - back to 8-at-a-time, and also joined gamefly, in preparation for having loads more free time to deal with.
I've also been buying more books - picked up the god delusion and running with scissors on monday.
I'd kinda like to try the expansion... though I doubt anything too great would come of it.

speaking of books...
I've also got this plan to catalogue all the books I own... using something emma mentioned a few days ago. I'm also planning on getting a storage facility (seriously, this time) and putting most, if not all, of my star trek crap (I still can't believe I wanna do this) in there. I much prefer to have my stuff out and about, where I can talk about it with people who stop by... but while I had the room to do this when I was living alone, I simply have too much star trek crap and not enough space for it all.
plus, I won't look like a psycho-trekky to people who don't know me very well.
that's always a good thing.

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