Friday, January 26, 2007 :::

hukkah hukkah hukkah - lobster

so my week has been... hrm.
well, monday... I dunno what I did.
tuesday... still dunno what I did.
wednesday I threw a big fit and picked a fight with budd.
and... last night we went to ihop.

tooter's leaving, and I'm sad.
aj's bday was yesterday. irbyface's is today. timmah's bday is saturday. forsaken's on monday and jackson's on tuesday.
yikes, eh?
here's a collective happy birthday wish~

tonight we're going out with irby for a little bit, then probably move some boxes of dishes over to budd's.
and a couple of chairs, and maybe some stuffed animals. I'm also hoping to get some of my books onto library thing.
I think... I guess I don't really know where budd stands with his "current" roommate.
I'm excited, but I guess really... apprehensive? and I know fussing about it isn't going to change anything, so mostly I just push it out of my mind, but really it is a legitimate fear.
as I've said before, we'll see what happens.

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