Tuesday, January 16, 2007 :::

I've never been a unicorn

since I've not quit yet, here's a bit of a WoW update.

I really like playing a hunter... I'm not sure exactly why, though.
I mean, I say it's 'cause it's never boring, 'cause I've got a pet around to do stuff with.
and that's true, ya know?
plus nicc was always fond of ranged characters, and mcrough has a hunter he always raves about.
but also... I remember vividly adrian telling stories of how he was hunted down in battlegrounds, because he knew how to play a hunter.
and this was all back before I ever even considered playing WoW - back around the time we were dating, and right around the time milkdud got into WoW.
I'm not gonna lie; I was sitting there sending frederick (did I mention budd & I rolled horde [the opposing faction] on dunemaul [can't get away from a pvp server, though] over the weekend? we're both trolls - he's a shaman & I'm a hunter, but I couldn't just replace fred, so I named this fella frederick - I've also got a boar named bore, and yes, I do think that's quite clever) to attack some twinked out lvl 19 rogue, wondering if that's what adrian would have done. or what he'd recommend.
I came out 2nd in both killing blows and damage done, which is really good seeing as how I'm smack in the middle of the bracket (pvp battlegrounds are 10-19, 20-29, and so on) and 10-19 is infamous for twinks.
ugh - they are a thorn in my un-twinked side.
though I didn't have any flag returns (I was playing a capture-the-flag game), I was directly responsible for the deaths of enemy flag carriers a few times.
and bg stats boards be damned. I wish I could play with adrian and see what he says.

the expansion is out today, and I'm seriously wanting to get it - not necessarily renew my subscription, but at least just play around with it for a while.
budd, however, has already renewed his subscription. :(

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