Tuesday, January 02, 2007 :::

like I'm prone to

I trust you had a safe & happy new year's. as budd & I did.
a couple of his friends, haley & erin, came over and played wii sports with us. I had a really good time, though my bowling game has gotten dramatically worse.
we also watched most of circle, and then browsed youtube for a clip of his star trek phaser bit. no luck, though we did watch charlie the unicorn.
that's pretty much all we did this weekend. watched movies and played video games. that's all we ever do, huh. beanakin invited us over this weekend for drinkage and to play video games, and he's got a projector (projector > 55 inch television), so we'll see what happens. all I got budd to commit to was, "we'll see," which usually means 'no' but maybe I can coax him into having a bit of fun.

oh! and the whole reason for this post!
fred (my awesome and wonderful WoW pet owl) learned new abilities last night. mostly I had to run around taming other animals so I could learn them to teach him, because I'm a horrible hunter and didn't know that's how it worked 'till last night.
anyhow... here's fred in all his glory:

so now he's got growl, claw, and screech. I'm saving his last slot for dive, since I believe that'd be helpful in pvp. I'm also thinking about leaving the 10-19 bracket... 'cause playing a hunter is so much fun.

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