Monday, January 22, 2007 :::


so I'd gotten really disenchanted with end-game content in WoW these last few weeks.
I switched characters, and even switched sides, and I cancelled my subscription.
I've spent the last few hours pvp'ing (yes, I know, I'm still a pvp whore no matter how much I try not to be) and saw some old friends from the 50-59 bracket.
I've had a really good time tonight, honestly. for the first time in aaages when playing my priest.
and all because some kid on a different server is named after a star trek character and didn't know it. well, maybe he's not. oh and by "he" I mean his character. when I comes down to it this person may be another chick. and maybe 40 years old. who knows. he's sweet, though. always gives me conjured water. lol
I'm not saying I'm gonna renew (though budd, the bastard, is really pushing for it), all I'm saying is that I've had more fun tonight than I had in the last 2 months.

speaking of budd...
I had a wonderful weekend.
the super bad weather? totally didn't happen.
I'm write more about that later; for now I'm gonna go back to dicking around wsg with rom.

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