Monday, January 29, 2007 :::

where I learned to play guitar

this weekend went well, I think.
friday budd & I went out with irby - just for dinner and a few drinks at the pour house. budd & irbyface nerded out for a while (think contra and metal slug), so we stayed later than I'd intended. good times, though.

saturday we play WoW. did I mention I resubscribed? milkdud's enthusiasm is contagious, and next thing I new I was entering my credit card info. I had fun, though... the expansion is kinda nice. 5 man dungeons again, instead of the horrible 20 or 40 man dungeons. and budd's been playing with me, kinda. I don't really know the other people in our guild, but I guess that'll change before too long. ~and~ milkdud set vent up so us mac users can talk and listen. that's always a plus. well, the listening part. not really the talking part.
so saturday evening we played wow for about 6 hours (it totally didn't seem that long) and on sunday we played for a while too.
we didn't move anything, mostly due to the scheduled playing WoW. and partly 'cause I'm lazy and didn't wanna get out of bed any earlier than I had to.

I also talked to doke for about half a second.
I was not well received (seems to be a trend for me, lately) and I can't blame him a bit. doesn't make it any easier, though it's probably for the best.

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