Tuesday, March 27, 2007 :::

shake that booty

so woooooooh for work!
I believe I will try to last here until june, when sarah quits.
that way we can quit together, and I'm sure it'll be much more fun.
I hope she's quitting in june... otherwise I may end up quitting alone.
we're getting a new phone system sometime soon, complete with monitored calls and call times.

I read the first harry potter book last night.
I believe I like it more than the first earthsea book.
mostly because magic isn't quite as spooky in the harry potter world as it is in the earthsea world.
I also finally finished atlas shrugged, and I just started the god delusion.
my WoW subscription's up today, so no turning back.
besides, I've got enough books to last me a while.

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