Friday, March 23, 2007 :::


so I survived my trip, and ugh the ride back was trying.
super bad hail storm that was so bad I turned around and went back and waited for it to pass.
fun times, really.
aside from the drive to and from (which I actually enjoyed) I had a really good time with spock is awesome.
suuuuuuch a halo fanboy.
and I got him to buy god of war (woooooh!).
I picked up a couple of "graphic novels" and he gave me a couple of rvb dvds.
he seems really sweet, and I believe there's a univ there. so maybe if I get riled up enough I'll move there.
it'd suck, I'm pretty certain, but it wouldn't be as bad as moving back home. and I would like to get out of lubbock.
the other obvious place would be further north, but gawd knows I can't stand cold weather.

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