Monday, July 23, 2007 :::

FUNemployment :P

yeah, I can't sleep. I've been having weird dreams, about stuff I don't even remember. so here I am.
sarah's bday was yesterday, and I totally forgot to harass her.
I don't even know what's going on, it seems. I've totally been sleeping during the day and dozing for a few hours at night.
I can't wait to have some time off. and at the same time, I'm kinda concerned about what I'll do. I have enough saved up for a few months, but after that?
no idea what I'm gonna do.
I should go back to school.

my harry potter book won't be here 'till... wait a minute. I was gonna say 'till thursday, since that was the delivery estimate in the email they sent me... but I just check amazon and it says 'delivered' on saturday!
I more than halfway wanna go rummage through budd's things to find the key to our mailbox...

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