Wednesday, August 15, 2007 :::

best boyfriend ever award

he got me data & geordi and daniel jackson figurines for my birthday.
it's a couple of weeks early, but I still dunno what to say.
I think I was still doubting his "I love you"s, but at this point...
I don't think I've ever dated someone who got me something I liked for my bday.
I mean, my david got me season 1 of andromeda for christmas, but I really expected it since I'd been spouting off about it a few days before... roger got me a model enterprise for christmas, but we weren't dating... luke got me that bear in the star trek uniform just because, and rob always gets me assorted little star trek things, but this is different. budd just remembered that I have a crush on daniel jackson! and while my love for star trek is not exactly a secret, he chose these because of their similarity to others I already have. think the closest gift ever is the time nicc got me the sequel to the once and future king, but he was more of a best friend than anything else.
I dunno... I just keep thinking about that time I said "how can I just walk away from a guy who knows he'll get farther with the latest star trek book than with a dozen roses?"
he's the greatest, ya'll

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