Monday, August 06, 2007 :::


well, wednesday is our move in date and I did a grand total of NO packing today. yikes.
I'm sure I'll be a flurry tomorrow (read: no napping), but I think I have an advantage in not having unpacked yet.

friday night me, sarah, tooter, gizmo, and chino went to the ph as a going away party.
budd was there too, but he was skipping shots so I don't think he counts. in his defense, though, he did get me home safely.
sarah also got her hair cut friday afternoon, and it looks awesome. made me wanna cut my hair... only... it's still longer than my hair is.

saturday we did that bmw breast cancer thing... really all I walked away with is a bit of appreciation for sirius and their all-elvis station ^_^

aaaand... my toilet got fixed today.
maintenace guy came 'round right at 1630.
that's all I've got to report, folks.

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