Thursday, August 23, 2007 :::

on the wind and rain a strange new perfume blows

I can't decide how I feel about bookswim.
gross @ used books (when it comes to books I'm not quite as bad as I am about socks... but it's getting pretty close, nowadays), but awesome @ it being online.

last night I went to see stardust, and I loved it.
I'm still washing dishes, and I think maybe I will see about buying a washer/dryer since one from the complex won't be available 'till the first, and I need one anyway.

the funeral was nice. got to see a load of family I haven't seen in years, and they were all surprisingly civil.
I feel bad for my dad, but he seems to be taking it all right.
he's going to dallas to hang out with my brother for a while, then probably to the valley.

and speaking of trips - my sis and I are thinking about heading to abilene on my birthday to have luby's for lunch.
even though last time I had luby's I got sick, I still love that place.

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