Monday, August 13, 2007 :::

... still whimpering :(

I've survived moving relatively unscathed; all that's left is our food & to clean up the old apt.
all I've suffered are bruises on the backs of both my hands, 2 broken nails, and various sore muscles.
budd's taking it a lot worse, but to be fair he's got more big things than I do (and I just remembered we haven't moved his computer desk). his monitor alone is heavier than my imac (both of them, actually. not combined, though) and a lot less convenient to carry.
he's been really wonderful this whole time, especially considering both our tempers are wearing thin because of how different we do things (he wanted to get up absurdly early to move things every day, while I wanted to wait 'till sundown before even getting started) and because we're both all sore and achy.

he said something a few days ago about how he likes the new place better, because it's a place we picked together and we'll really be living together (instead of me never really unpacking). it was the sweetest thing, and I'm ashamed to say I was suddenly imagining white picket fences & 2.3 kids. needless to say that imagining sent me into a flurry of worrying about how I was going to screw things up this time... if I really even want kids (besides for punting, of course), if I want kids with him, blah blah blah. he tells me I worry too much, and most of the time I disagree.
this time... I think he's right.

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