Friday, August 10, 2007 :::


I am so incredibly sore.
the place we're moving into is a townhome... both bedrooms are upstairs. it's horrible.
moving is awful.
I told budd that we're staying here indefinitely, and that if we split up he's the one who has to move out.

the place itself is... not all we'd hoped for.
I could list off about 20 things that I don't like about it, the two biggest being the bad tape & float job and the condition of the carpet. budd seems to take most issue with our vintage microwave, stove, and fridge (I'm convinced they're from the '80s. kinda cute, imo, and they seem to work well enough).
I'm sure we'll like it well enough once we get all moved in, but for now I think we can both admit we wouldn't have taken this place if we'd seen it first.
oh well. assigned parking rocks, and it's cheaper & bigger than our old place.

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