Thursday, September 06, 2007 :::

as if I didn't already feel guilty

I ordered budd an iphone at the end of july, but ended up canceling the order since my last day at work was so much sooner than I'd planned.
with the new iphones announced today, apple slashed prices... we dutifully headed out to a local at&t store (jesus fucking christ I will never go to one of those again, at least not of my own accord) to grab a $300 newly discontinued iphone.
we were all rung up and budd was about to write a check... when he was told about an ABSURDLY high deposit.
I feel so bad, because if I'd not canceled my order he would have one already, and standing alone the deposit isn't ~too~ bad. it's bad, don't get me wrong... but manageable.
and he'd have his visual voicemail :(

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