Thursday, September 27, 2007 :::

"work" was a person, and he kidnapped you

I had weird dreams last night... dreamt about BoB for the first time in ages.
mostly just about what happened last time I saw him, and how things might have been different if I'd been more receptive.
I think it's weird I'm dreaming about him. I haven't talked to him since around my birthday... not even when my neice was in that accident.
last time we talked we both said some things that we probably shouldn't have, but it's that way so often between us.
I just can't get these dreams out of my head.
best I can do is either make a parallel between what happened with him and things that are going on between me & budd... or... maybe it's just because it happened around this time of year.

and now, because all I do is play WoW, an update:
nicc (my hunter) hit 57 yesterday and is 60 now. only took 3 hours from 59 to 60, which is surprising since it seemed to last days for my rogue.
with all this new outland gear her chance to crit and mana have gone down a bit, but both her attack power and hp are through the roof.
I had to pool money from my other characters for her mount, so I may as well tell you how much. my mage gave her 200g, sock 100g, and the fish 130g. I hope to get them paid back before too long... well, my mage and my rogue. sock's now even with budd when it comes to gold, and we're supposed to be making some effort for our epic flying mounts.
anyhow... lunchtime :)

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