Tuesday, November 20, 2007 :::

there's only one place they call me one of their own

so I'm back at the office, and lots of stuff has changed... but lots has stayed the same.
I took my first call today, and I totally fail at troubleshooting. like, I forgot that 96k does not equal 1 meg (was thinking 96 is close to 100... I think). so fun times, eh?
and I've only been back for a day (2 counting today?) and they're already fucking with my schedule =/
but it's all fancy here now... with an alarm and motion detectors and cameras and headsets. and tooter's got an office now! just the old tech shop, but still it's an office. and the jesus fan is back! but gizmo's gone :( sooo weird him not being here, since he'd worked here for like 6 years or something.

and thanksgiving's almost here! what a wonderful week to come back to work! 3 day starter work week. wooh!
and also, for whatever reason, my sister thought last friday was thanksgiving. made a brisket and everything. good for a laugh, imo. (briskets are not her forte)

dunno what I'm gonna do for the big day, though. think my sis may be working. budd's invited me to spend thanksgiving with his family, but it's always kinda awkward for me to be around him/his sisters and his parents. I guess I shouldn't go into it any further, since it's not my place and all, but I promise I feel awkward. just him and his parents isn't so bad, though sometimes I wanna slap him for the tone he uses, lol.
so that's the main reason I don't wanna spend thanksgiving with them. but there's also the whole can't-show-up-empty-handed aspect. and I'm a bit old to show up with tea/sodas/chips/etc. and I don't really feel like making anything, since my feelings will be hurt if they don't like what I make. and gawd knows budd doesn't like hardly anything at all, much less the things I make. plus my mom decided to mail me empanadas instead of the recipe for making empanadas. guess she wants to keep it a family secret.... or something...

I guess that's enough of an update. and I'm supposed to be working (disconnect lists again :( yuck!) so I should get back to it.
oh and also I forgot to mention! they're having a christmas party at corporate and are flying us up and all! budd had to get his own ticket, but I'm totally looking forward to getting to spend some time out of lubbock :D

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