Tuesday, February 19, 2008 :::


so there've been some startling developments in two of the webcomics I read.
I feel like such a lamer for being so involved - I literally stood up when I saw yesterday's QC comic.

not much has been going on for me.
my valentine's was nice enough - budd made spaghetti and we watched both pilots of st:tos. I can't get over how lame it all is, but I absolutely love it anyway.

I've had a headache since sometime last week.
it's been almost constant, and I've been popping aleve at the max daily dosage level. I picked up some sinus headache stuff at walmart last night, so hopefully it'll finally clear up and I can get back to being myself.
if that doesn't work I don't know what I'll do. =/

both budd and I are looking at 4 day weekends coming up - we've got friday and monday off and hope to get our apartment properly sorted out.
it's still a mess, ya'll. and now with the cat it's even worse than usual. we've got all her toys and little kitty furniture just laying around the living room. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of some of the chairs I have out to make an area for the huge kitty habitat my dad made her.
did I mention my dad made her a kitty habitat? I didn't wanna pay $200 on something we could make for about $50, so I didn't. and the thing he made is HUGE. and she loves it! only we're hoping to get her declawed at the same time we get her spayed, so she's only got a few more months to truly enjoy it.

work is so horrible when I'm taking a ton of calls so early in the morning and I've got my week old headache to help.

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