Tuesday, May 06, 2008 :::

a lifetime of mediocrity is overwhelming

are you tired of hearing me bitch?
I'm tired of hearing me bitch.
I'm tired of bitching.

yesterday was a big day for us.
we took nerys to get spayed & declawed yesterday morning.
then we went to ihop for a decidely crowded experience.
and then we went to see ironman.
budd still thinks samuel l jackson is a badass. I still think he needs to see untouchable and then he'll agree with me.

we stopped by market street for some sushi on saturday.
they've got some flavored mojito mix that sounded a lot like the stuff at fridays. I really wanna pick some up, but budd seems to have some aversion to driving out to the strip. so until I can convince him to head out and grab some rum with me, I won't be purchasing the mojito mix anytime soon.

and while I've had a pretty crummy day, I will take some time to dote on the best part of it.
rambo is gonna be in theaters on the 15th.
we got our tickets already, and if there's a showing at a theater near you, you should probably go rock it out.
I'm so stoked about it.
and speaking of rocking out, mcrough is playing the recovery room on the 15th! he'll be there 'till closing, if any of you lubbock folk feel like heading out.

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