Saturday, July 12, 2008 :::

lego mania

so thursday after work budd & I were going to chickfila for dinner.
it was super packed so I wanted to go to the mall, and for whatever reason we wound up at best buy.
FINALLY picked up lego indiana jones, portal, and omg! we preordered soul calibur 4.
the box advertised a free 18 month calendar with preorder, so we snatched that baby up.
only... it's a tiny little calendar.
oh well, good for the kitchen or something.

we're fixing to go talk with the prairie pointe people again, and see what the final word is.
maybe not final, but whatever.
we mutually decided against going to look at the heritage, since not only do they have a cockroach army but they also don't have one of the suites available to look at.

had dinner with lus last night!
he got his new computer in a couple of days ago, did I even mention he was getting a new computer?
apple replaced his macbook with a macbook pro because of all the problems he was having.
not a complete replace, but he ended up with a macbook pro for I think $800.

oh and if anyone can think of a cool picture to use with block poster do email me and let me know :)

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