Monday, September 29, 2008 :::

SS Bastard Kitty

I gave nerys a bath earlier. if she didn't hate me before, she certainly hates me now.
she looks adorable, though - all fluffy and clean.

did I mention tooter got fired?
I'm kinda freaking out about it, convincing myself they're only hiring the anarchist hippy (did I mention he applied for a job with us?) so they can fire me.

change is a good thing.
if I got fired I think the first thing I'd do is go home for a few weeks...
speaking of -
my brother has sort of found me a job in dallas.
I doubt I have the balls to take it, even though it pays almost double what I'm making now.
while I do miss living alone, budd's such a sweetheart sometimes.
and other times, not so much (*cough* he forgot our anniversary *cough*)
anyhow, atm he's a sweetheart. lego batman ftw!
I'm totally dicking around on myspace and blogging so I don't start playing it.
I should probably be reading that A+ book I got on friday (when I was concerned about getting fired), but instead I'm gonna myspace stalk people we play WoW with, and maybe even request to be friends with them!
hah! we all remember how well my last friend request went! CURSE YOU [first name of my high school crush] [last name of my high school crush] I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!
I know! this time, I'll send a message saying, "hey SoAndSo! let's be friends!"

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Thursday, September 18, 2008 :::

I should have taken the cape

we've been working on black temple for months now... and bloodboil has been stingy.
last night he finally dropped the staff I've been wanting forever.
it looks like a decent upgrade over solarian's staff, well worth dropping some dkp over.


it turns out to be -20 ooc regen, +3 mp5, and only +16 heal.
(I lost 20 out of combat mana regen, gained 3 mana per 5 seconds, and gained 16 more healing power)
I also got 20 more stamina, but I recently got my second trash ring, so I'm quite happy where my stamina is/was.

I dropped 200 dkp for that, when the belt off council would have been a bigger upgrade. or more worthwhile, anyway.

*still sighing*

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008 :::

but it's so pretty!

I had to work this past sunday...
I had to get out of bed at 08 to get showered and what not...

I got in my truck,
backed out of my parking spot,
shifted into drive,
went about 4 feet,
and my truck died.
right in the center of the parking area... effectively blocking 4 of my neighbor's spots from getting in & out.

not 30 seconds after it died one of the neighbors comes out.
great fun =/

budd & I pushed my truck over to the side of the road, and lus came over and helped us figure out it was my battery.
I didn't make it to work 'till a bit after 1.
I get tomorrow off for working on sunday, so I guess it's not too bad.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008 :::

what a jerkahol :(

today was our anniversary, and I got to clean up the stains on the carpet.
he's playing it off as "you had to check to find out," but at least I went through the trouble of looking it up...

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Friday, September 12, 2008 :::

when it rains, it leaks

I bet you thought I was going to say 'pours' huh...
but no! it leaks!

indeed, the roof is leaking once again. this time only downstairs.
budd broke his laptop (the screen), while he was on the line with apple I noticed the ceiling was leaking.
an hour or so later I managed to spill a full bowl of tomato soup and chai tea all over my new couch (and the carpet, but fuck the carpet).

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 :::

but I like kleenex :(

so with the new couch being ridiculously oversized for our tiny living room, we had to rearrange everything to get it to fit (and it still doesn't really fit).
the portion of the couch where I love to sit at is almost directly under the ceiling fan.
budd sits at the other end of the couch, nowhere near the ceiling fan.
so he's always hot and I'm always cold.

I recently found out about slankets.
holy shit I want one.
two, even.
like, I wanna get one for my sister since I just know she'd love it.
make it all fancy and get it embroidered and what not.

anyhow... depending on what color slanket you order, you get to support different causes. both the brown and grey (and green, but I'm not interested in buying a green slanket) support national resources defense council.
so I'm poking around their website... and I find this:
Tissue Paper Guide for Consumers
I'm greatly amused that the brands I use are "avoid"

anyhow, budd's here for lunch

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 :::

when you're gone, I wanna go too

sometimes I feel like I'm tired of country music, but geez I'm totally loving johnny and june (Heidi Newfield - What Am I Waiting For - Johnny and June)

so yes,
back to work!
I miss being on vacation :(
lounging all day on my awesome couch!
napping whenever it suits me!

oh wells...
budd got a new job, did I mention that? he starts next week.

and it's raid time; I'll see about writing properly sometime soon.

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