Wednesday, September 10, 2008 :::

but I like kleenex :(

so with the new couch being ridiculously oversized for our tiny living room, we had to rearrange everything to get it to fit (and it still doesn't really fit).
the portion of the couch where I love to sit at is almost directly under the ceiling fan.
budd sits at the other end of the couch, nowhere near the ceiling fan.
so he's always hot and I'm always cold.

I recently found out about slankets.
holy shit I want one.
two, even.
like, I wanna get one for my sister since I just know she'd love it.
make it all fancy and get it embroidered and what not.

anyhow... depending on what color slanket you order, you get to support different causes. both the brown and grey (and green, but I'm not interested in buying a green slanket) support national resources defense council.
so I'm poking around their website... and I find this:
Tissue Paper Guide for Consumers
I'm greatly amused that the brands I use are "avoid"

anyhow, budd's here for lunch

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