Tuesday, December 30, 2008 :::

overpriced & inconvenient

my sis, my neice & nephew, my dad, and I all went out to dinner yesterday evening.
my dad and my nephew both have birthdays this month, so there we were.
we went to this steakhouse that's supposed to be super awesome (according to people my sis knows) and I had a terrible time.
it's out in bfe. seriously. sooooooo hard to find. I literally spent an hour driving around looking for this place.
I finally found it and ordered myself a steak. medium well. it was undercooked - like, to the point of where I'd call it medium rare. seriously.
their fries were kind of gross, and while their peach cobbler was the highlight of the evening that's really not saying much.

work sucks.
I'm so sleepy right now... and we just got an email from our boss saying calls over 30 minutes will not be tolerated.
no problem!
only I have about 1 long call a day.
like today - I spent half an hour on the line with a dial up customer because I'm being goofy.... like, she couldn't browse, so I went to make sure proxies weren't turned on... and then... I dunno... she was connected but couldn't ping anything
so we rebooted and recreated the connection. and then I had her ping stuff... dns, ip, and a domain... rather than just having her browse. no idea why.
and yesterday I spent over an hour on the line with someone because I'd given him the wrong static ip info!

even WoW has been frustrating lately.
my laptop runs it like shit, and every time I try to use my desktop people end up dying because I can't handle a mouse (trackpads ftw?).
so it's either chug along at 2-3 fps in a 25 man raid OR let the people I'm supposed to be healing die because I fail at using a mouse.

on the bright side, at least we got that email from our boss. I was seriously looking at buying a new laptop. at least now if I get fired, I won't have spent all my savings!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008 :::

sing for the moment

they don't make love like that anymore, is that too much to be asking for...?
Heidi Newfield - What Am I Waiting For - Johnny and June

you can mess up my head, and mess up my bed....
Trent Willmon - A Little More Livin' - On Again Tonight

and how you convinced me to dance in the rain, with everyone watching like we were insane

everybody says fool, fool nothing you can do, never gonna see her with the likes of you. I say watch and see... she's gonna marry me
Diamond Rio - Diamond Rio - Norma Jean Riley

I went over to my sister's house a few days ago, and was sitting in my old room there talking to my dad.
from where I was sitting I could see a box under the bed... the breakup box.
he's been on my mind since then, and a few minutes ago I saw he'd emailed me.

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Friday, December 19, 2008 :::

oh dear

what are we gonna do without her?

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Friday, December 05, 2008 :::


I WILL hit 74 tonight and get my priesty butt into dalaran and start doing cooking dailies.

oh also - drastic changes at the office. work sucks.
but! I did see an opening at a bookstore (*cough*) and applied. just part time, but I bet it'd be... interesting.

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