Thursday, November 26, 2009 :::

mmmmmmm turkey pie

lus & I went out for lunch yesterday to this pizza joint called west crust pizza.
we had a "turkey pie."
it was pretty tasty! turkey bacon, sweet potato... cranberry sauce instead of tomato sauce... pecans and dried cranberries too... oh and mozzarella AND feta cheese.
usually I think feta tasted like tree bark covered in dirt, but this was mild enough for me to handle.

we eventually wound up at the new b&n...
and lus sniped a parking spot.
it's a rather involved story and I don't feel like typing it out atm (outages ftl!) but the gist of it is some lady was holding up the two lanes of traffic right in front of the store and lus sniped the parking spot she was hoping for.
I half expected some sort of confrontation in the bookstore but nothing came of it.

the latest network we absorbed came with only one tsr, but apparently he's quit. well, either quit or got fired.
so we get to keep a new network with no additional help on the phones. wooh.
not to mention earlier this week there was another addition to tickets/escalations I'm responsible for.
the "pay freeze" comes to mind now, especially since it's been going on for over a year (and in that time we've continued to acquire wisps).

sarah's in town. we're hoping to get together for lunch or dinner tomorrow.
I'm stoked! haven't seen her in forever.
I'm also hoping she can give some recommendations on hotels for when we'll be going to dallas in jan.
wooh eddie izzard <3

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