Tuesday, January 05, 2010 :::

it's always on heroic

so we went to the mall to pick up bayonetta and I picked my new glasses too.
they're super different! like, the lens is a lot smaller, so it's taking some getting used to. plus, of course, the prescription is different.
I'll see about posting some pics of them, but atm I'm still getting used to them.
I've already got a headache, but I'm determined to at least wear them for the raid tonight.

I've been talking to my brother a lot lately; he's really pushing for me to move to dallas rather than back to the valley.
we'll see, I guess, but I doubt I will.
while dallas is a lot closer than lubbock is, it's still kind of missing the point.

in wow news,
the guild got a new site today.
it's cleaner than the old one, but I think I like it less.
plus I'll need to make a new post in the 'introductions' forum... I've been here for a year and I just dunno what to say.
welp. raid time. I'm gonna feel bad if we wipe 'cause of my new glasses, but hey! I'm not the only healer!

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