Friday, February 19, 2010 :::


blogger is stopping ftp support.
I think I am being forced to upgrade to wordpress.
I'm gonna hafta run my own backups.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 :::

seething mass of self loathing

ok so I totally screwed up the move out date! by a whole month!
on the bright side, I get to squander my time for an extra few weeks.
on the not-so-bright side, pretending sure sucks ass.
oh well; I've been through worse.

I'm meeting lus for brkfst this morning...
I'm aiming for the pork chop plate over at ranch house.

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Monday, February 01, 2010 :::


so I read the books, and they're nice stories.
I'm still surprised by how much I enjoyed them.
it's a helluva love story.
didn't really help my mood, though.

I had a fantastic time in dallas.
I've been meaning to post about it but I wanna include photos, and really that's a big hassle.
so for now I'll just sum it up.
we stopped by the new cowboy stadium. we ate at a place called chef pointe cafe. lus & I had lunch with my brother. we went to ikea. and I think that's it. oh we also hit up a dunkin donuts.

the show was amazing, btw.
I was concerned because I've watched dvds of comedy shows.... like, there's 2 versions. the live version and then the dvd version. the live version is usually about twice as long as the dvd show, and it usually sucks pretty hard even though the dvd version is funny.
so yes, I was concerned it would be like that.
but it wasn't at all, and I really really enjoyed it.

I need to start packing.
only a month left and there's so much I need to do!
well, pack and rent a storage facility. so really not that much, I guess.
can definitely pack up most of my dishes and most of my clothes.
I need to find a job for when I move. =/

I've been toying with not getting an internet connection, but I think my guild might kill me, lol.
did I mention I got promoted to officer? about a month ago.
I was confused, since I had been class lead whenever budd & I left the guild.
they hadn't filled the position when I rejoined, and then a while later they made another priest class lead.
so I figured it was bad blood btwn me & budd and some of the other officers.
and then some officers were getting demoted and decided to leave instead, and then I got offered a seat in upper management.
I was a bit concerned, at first, that slave would be offended. he is, after all, real life friends with most of the guild.
he seemed to take it in stride, and really there's been nothing different aside from one meeting and then a couple of conversations in-game.
what with me being unemployed I've been spending a lot of time in-game.
not so much recently, I guess. with the trip and then the reading.
but I've finished the books so I'll probably spend all day idling in dalaran.
or maybe I'll finally start the lotr books.
of course, I should really be packing.

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