Wednesday, May 26, 2010 :::

you are what you eat

and I've been enjoying some good eats!
lus and I went by stella's for desserts a few days ago... and they were all FANTASTIC.
I really can not tell you how fantastic they were.
the food at stella's is shit, but we stopped in for a place to chat and snack. it's nice and quiet and the water is really nice.
we ended up ordering 4 desserts to nibble on, and we were both super surprised at how tasty they all were (because seriously, the food in general is shit)
we took some crap photos with lus' phone, but here they are anyway:
all four desserts, and a lemon berry cake (possibly the lemon layer cake listed on their online dessert menu, but I don't really recall), a chocolate confusion (fucking amazing), really great carrot cake (yay fiber :P ), and créme brulee (our favorite of the four).
my favorites, in order: créme brulee, lemon cake, carrot cake, chocolate confusion.
I only remember lus' fave was the créme brulee as well, but I know his list didn't match mine.
and not to say the chocolate confusion wasn't awesome, 'cause it was. seriously they were all really REALLY great.
if I keep talking about this I'm gonna end up typing in bold, italics, and increasing font size trying to get the point across, lol.

and now some not so fantastic food:
tuesdays are all-you-can-eat ribs at the rib crib.
they were pretty tasty, though a bit spicy.
I felt fine last night, but after digesting them for 12 hours my body wants nothing to do with them.
so imo, if you have the chance to eat ribs from the rib crib, you should pass.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010 :::

budd doesn't like it =/

my hair a few months ago:

here's how much I'm gonna send to locks of love:

this is the shortest I've ever had it:

I didn't mean for it to be this short, but I kind of fucked up with the pony tail placement. and I had hoped the length difference wouldn't be so drastic, but I guess I needed more than just tightening the edges and trying to make the center loose. oh well!
it'll grow back soon enough. >.>
and while I do have more than just one shirt, that is my favorite shade of grey :P

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Thursday, May 20, 2010 :::

it takes one to know one

yeah yeah, I know I said I was gonna upgrade to wordpress. I've been saying that for years.
I've been wanting to talk and haven't been able to because of the ftp stuff, so here we go.
I set up redirects, and hopefully I'll be motivated enough to properly upgrade sometime soon.
(I don't really believe it either, but I promise it's on my mind)

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