Monday, June 21, 2010 :::

I love lus

so, lus and I...
ok lemme start over.

me, lus, my sis, my dad, and budd went out for dinner a while back, out at texas roadhouse. there'd been a huge fiasco about my dad & sis coming and then not coming and then finally showing up, so budd was a bit miffed and not really joining in conversation.
and, as often does with my dad & sis, the conv turned to how awesome god is
and you know how I'm pro-suicide? well I mean, not in general, but I don't think you should burn in hell for eternity because your life sucks. because my soul is worth more than a collection of my actions, and I'm sure yours is too.
and my sis said something about the bible... and then there was a baby a few tables over.
and I said something like, "well according to the Church if that baby chokes on a cracker and he hasn't been baptized he's gonna burn in hell for eternity too"
which is bullshit, 'cause I mean, babies aren't evil (but they are! lol, ok, not really, but still I don't want one), and I don't really care for the idea of original sin
so then lus said something about ambushing babies with holy water to save their souls, and I said something about a super soaker...
and he & I were laughing pretty hard.
my dad & sis were shaking their heads disapprovingly.
and james was dicking around on his phone, probably.

lus' bday was a few weeks ago and I hadn't gotten him anything (aside from assorted desserts, yum!), so when I was at walmart a couple of weeks ago and we passed by a super soaker display I bought him one.
so I wrapped it and all, but hadn't seen him again until yesterday.

and I got an email this in an email from him today:
First of all, thanks to you and your thoughtfulness, I have "saved" all of the unbaptised babies within a one-mile radius of my house. Praise be!
(Secondly, can you bail me out of County Jail?)

I love him so much :D

I just noticed the subject of that email.. "lus the baptist"

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