Tuesday, December 07, 2010 :::

I just completed a quest called "mortal enemies"

the quest giver is a pirate, and the quest is to kill 15 ninjas.
I lol'ed.

and yes, cataclysm is out today.
I preordered a CE off amazon, and it's not here yet.
I really wanna bitch, but let's be honest here folks - no way am I gonna fight crowds and/or terrible weather to get a copy at a midnight release.
plus, I'm sick. again. did I mention that?
same as before. ugh.
so no fucking way I'd have gone out to get a copy irl. not that it mattered much this year, since the expansion went live at midnight pacific time, unlike previous expansions that went live at midnight server time.

oh well. deliveries here are usually between 15 and 17.
more hurry-up-and-wait for me.

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