Monday, May 09, 2011 :::

if I ever have the misfortune of getting knocked up

you know me, right?
you know I'm not fond of kids.
they're creepy.

you know I don't want kids, right?
ew @ the whole pregnancy/birth thing.

if I ever make that mistake,
there's a list of books I want my would-be offspring to enjoy.

the only thing I've got to say about this is,
I spend significant amounts of time on r/books.

so anyway.
the list.

It's pretty short atm, and do keep in mind it's been years since I've read most of these , but they made a distinct impression on me.
I imagine I'll come back to this, the more that I read.
but this is stuff I want to read to my child more than once, ya know?

the list.
seriously this time.

in order that they've occurred to me:

The Once and Future King
Ender's Game
Stranger in a Strange Land
Rumble Fish
Lord of the Flies
The Left Hand of Darkness
The Fountainhead
The Giving Tree

I'm sure I'll add to this eventually,
and I promise I am not suddenly wanting kids.

think of it more as a "tinafish awesomesauce recommends" list.
though if I'm recommending.... seriously go read stranger in a strange land!

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