Sunday, May 22, 2011 :::

leftovers ^_~

I've spent the day playing assorted video games, watching some macgyver, and munching on snacks.
the bf was in town last week and left his snacks here!
I've eaten cheese & crackers, enjoyed limeade, and suffered through some chewy chocolate chip cookies.

I didn't know this (though I guess I should have), but I am a ~huge~ fan of this cheese and crackers business.
I think he usually gets some sort of garlic and herb cheese... and rosemary crackers.
I have been considering going out and purchasing some myself.
I haven't, though, because I've got a ton of other perishables here that I need to consume.
this cheese & crackers business has made me want some apples & cheddar.
I'm gonna start adding stuff to my grocery list, at this rate.

speaking of the bf,
at some point when he was in town, though not this last trip, we were at this local dive with a friend of ours.
and there's this big group of folks at the table next to us... and this chick misquotes captain kirk.
all three of us (at my table) realized what she'd done, and we looked at each other knowingly.
I sure wanna watch st:iv now.
double dumbass on you!

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