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whirlwind romance

I had a really good time in dallas for christmas.
the whole experience was really relaxed, and there was no 20-questions session.

he's big on hockey, and the stars happened to be playing while we were in town.
so we took a train (!! I'd always wanted to ride a train - not exactly what I was hoping for, though.. more like riding a bus, imo) to the game, and I had a surprisingly good time.
pic below, of the brisket nachos we had there.
seriously, if you're ever at the american airlines center for a sporting event, you should try the brisket nachos.
and the stars won! that was a nice bonus.
as for the game itself, it was a lot more graceful than I'd expected.
and really fast paced.
pretty much my only experience with hockey is watching The Mighty Ducks when I was a kid, so I was kinda lost, but he didn't seem to get annoyed by my questions.

our hotel was terrible, though.
I had to do a couple of installs during the day, before we headed to dallas, so by the time we got there it was late and I was tired and sore and all sorts of cranky.
and we pull into the hotel and it looks kinda shifty on the outside.
whatever, right? all we want is to go to bed.
he checks us in and we grab our bags... we stagger in, drop our bags, and he goes over to turn the air condition on.
on any setting.
we head back to the front desk... chick apologizes, and "upgrades" us to a room with a king bed.
we exchange glances with each other, but whatever, right?
he opens the door to the new room and....
there are cups on the counter and in the sink, and towels on the floor...
seriously, this happened.
we laugh a bit and then head back to the front desk again... chick apologizes and walks us to our newer new room.
this one is clean and air condition works.
we finally fall into bed, and fuck wakeup calls.
long story short, never stay at the extended stay at greenville and 635.

aside from the crap hotel and the soreness (from the installs) I had a really great time.
he loved the pillow case [hey! stockings are expensive!] full of ebola that no one else really understood (read the hot zone if you ever get the chance), and the bacon tuxedo box filled with tshirts was a hit as well.

he made us dinner two nights ago.
hibachi steak, shrimp, scallops, and fried rice.
pic below.
this dude is great.

I've really enjoyed the winter break, and I'm not looking forward to the new semester.
I'll be seeing significantly less of him, both for lunch and after work.
he seems confident we'll manage, but I bet we're both gonna get pretty stressed out before the semester is over.
and then summer, with class every day.
I dunno if I'm gonna take anything during the summer, or if I even can, with my work schedule.
we'll see.

for now, happy new year!
oh and pics!

brisket nachos:


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