Wednesday, March 28, 2012 :::

floating on my back and staring at the clouds

spring break was fun.
we went to dallas for several days and got to:
hang out with my brother & co
hang out with the bf's sister & co
hang out with the sloth
hang out with sarah & zach
and watch in disgust at the terrible hockey game

seriously, though, tons of fun!
and I bought a new desk!
it's still in boxes, but when I get my shit all put together I'm gonna post some pics.
I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out... if only I can get my counter built!

school is going well.
I'm not drowning in homework anymore, mostly due to the schedule I made out.
I didn't touch a textbook all spring break, but I'm all caught up again.

work - ugh.
they're changing our hours so the 3 of us in the support department are having to change our schedules.
I'm still hoping to get some certifications over the summer, so if nothing else maybe I'll get paid more.
not that I'm hurting for money. since I'm living with my sister all I really have to work about paying for is tuition.
the rest of my money goes to random shit (mostly furniture, lately).

overall, things are good.
I even have time to read for fun AND make my raids ^_^

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