Thursday, January 31, 2013 :::

ninja edit!

while I did get promoted at the office, it actually had no effect on my working weekends.
I got my own office, but that's it.
no pay raise either.

and there have been several shitty days at the office,
so I cancelled my iMac.
it still hadn't shipped anyway =/

instead of spending $2k on a new desktop,
I'm now considering buying a ps3.
ni no kuni looks like great fun, and I don't have a bluray player...
guess we'll see.

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Monday, January 21, 2013 :::


so last semester went well, though I am definitely gonna hafta review stuff.
this semester seems pretty cake, so far.
I'm taking a class that is apparently an A+ cert prep, and ohmygod I know loads of this stuff already.

and hockey is back!
the bf & I watched both games this weekend.
dallas did ok.  won the opening game, but lost 0-1 last night.
the backup goalie did a fucking amazing job, but fml minnesota has great defense.  if I could be bothered, I'd look up the number of shot blocks, but I can't.  just trust me, it was a ton!
I'm guardedly optimistic about this season, but truth be told, hockey is a lot of fun to watch.
I sure wish I could skate backwards, though.
that's unrelated to hockey playing, only I see everyone skating backwards and I wish I could do it too.

I ordered a new desktop back on jan 2, and it still hasn't shipped yet.
I opted for a 3 tb fusion drive, and I have plans to virtualize all my old macs.
and, oh god y'all.
I'm gonna install it as a new computer (rather than using migration assistant)
I have literally been migrating every apple computer I've had for the last 10 or so years.
I'm excited.

I started playing WoW again.
MoP is a whole different beast.
I wish I had more free time.
hopefully with only two classes this semester I'll be able to get some playing in on the weekends.
I got promoted at the office so I don't have to work saturdays anymore.

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