Friday, May 31, 2013 :::

my smile seems out of place

a year ago tomorrow, my sister died.

there was this old cassette tape that my nephews & I found...  of my sisters singing some song...
I remember the lyrics,
people say I'm the life of the party 'cause I tell a joke or two
some of the chorus
take a good look at my face
you know my smile looks out of place
if you look closer it's easy to trace
the path of my tears

I heard it on the radio on the way to work this morning.
I started crying.
I got to work, sat in my truck, and cried some more.
in an effort to avoid seeing coworkers I decided to go on in to the office (everyone I work with is always late)
so I went to the bathroom and cried some more.
not the best start to a day.

all I keep coming back to
that night in the hotel
the bf holding me while I cried
he whispered, "maybe we're wrong"

I miss her.

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