Sunday, September 29, 2013 :::

change is the only constant

so we're in the middle of a real mess right now.
the bf got an email & a vm (he missed her call) from his leasing agent this past wednesday advising him that the owner of the home he rents has decided to sell when his lease is up (at the end of december).  and that someone will be contacting him next week to arrange a time to come out and take photos of the house, and eventually prospective buyers will be touring the home.
he is so not ok with his belongs being photographed and put on the internet with his address.
and I don't know how anyone would be ok with random people coming into their house.

so we're packing.

and midterms are next week.
so fun!

speaking of school, sometimes I am glad latin is a dead language.

Note that, where English requires three separate words for the ideas he will praise or he was praising, Latin requires only a single word with the three components of stem + tense sign + personal ending (laudā + bi + t = praise-will-he or laudā-ba-t = praising-was-he).

LaFleur, Richard A. (2011-08-16). Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition (The Wheelock's Latin Series) (Kindle Locations 1849-1852). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. 

verbs, nouns, subjects..  seems pretty much every word in every sentence gets changed.
I'm already spending 10-15 hours a week on schoolwork, and I have a real shaky grasp on everything.
I need to pour more time into it, but I'm often getting off work at 6pm rather than 5pm, and with how my days have been going the last thing I want to do is struggle with latin for several hours.

so yes.
work is a mess as well.  we're now rocking a 4 person team (there should be at least 6 in my department) and out of those 4, 1 guy started last week and 1 guy has been there less than a month.  and the final guy is essentially a greeter (his job is literally to be friendly to the clients).  so we're half a team trying to hold the line.  and it seems like I'm the only one actually doing anything.  ugh.
hopefully the guys get trained up quickly, but there's really no time to walk anyone through calls.
~and~ my manager is going to be even less help since he's getting married in a couple of weeks and will be moving.

balls to the wall at work.
balls to the wall in school.
balls to the wall at home.
so fun!

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Monday, September 16, 2013 :::

a PSA from your friendly neighborhood tinafish awesomesauce

so, cryptolocker is a real bitch.

backup your data folks.

and if you're not backing up remotely, you're not serious about your backups.

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