Thursday, January 23, 2014 :::

so excited to try this, and other good news as well!

so my youngest niece and I are fairly close.
when the bf & I were down for thanksgiving, I showed her some videos that I like to watch on youtube.

and let me tell you, I will watch these videos for hours if I'm not careful.
here's one of my favorites, and of course one I showed my niece.

and what arrived in the mail today?

she also got the bf & I a couple of dallas stars tshirts.
I got all choked up that she remembered, but I guess I am kind of.....  let's go with 'eccentric' lol.

and in other news,
this isn't really my story to tell, but you know...
the bf got his associates degree in the mail today.
his earning potential is way higher than mine =/

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Saturday, January 11, 2014 :::

oops I skipped december

well I'm still alive folks, just haven't much been in the mood for posting.

Christmas went well.
the bf did get sick but oh man was christmas dinner amazing!
they made some sort of roast out of some retardedly expensive cut of meat and omg so good.
also the cheese sauce.  I'm not much for strong cheeses but this gorgonzola cheese sauce was so good I was seriously dipping my dinner roll into it.  definitely the highlight for me.
ham, fresh green beans, tiny potatoes, and eep I forgot to mention the crab bisque!  was supposed to be lobster bisque but the bf didn't make the request until christmas day and the grocery store that was open didn't have any lobster.  it was still tasty as fuck, though.

the bf got me that fancy tea maker I've been wanting for years.
his parents also got us a couple of visa gift cards that we promptly spent at teavana.
and then when we got back to nm I made another teavana order.
aaand I may be perusing in another window right now :x
I also broke down and ordered some khan's delight (my long time favorite tea), only the one place I could find it sells it in orders of 2 lbs.  so I'm gonna have quite a bit for a while, lol.
I'm considering buying small tea tins and giving some of it away, but I haven't decided yet.
the folks over at r/tea call this stuff potpourri (the tea I've been splurging on lately, not specifically khan's delight), but I love it so much I don't even care.

school starts on monday.
I got a letter from the financial aid office at enmu informing me I'm not eligible for financial aid because of how many attempted hours I have.  I won't be able to finish a degree without going over the max number of hours eligible for financial aid.
I seriously started tearing up when I read that.
I'd been hoping to eventually quit my job, get some loans, and spend a couple of years busting my ass to actually graduate.
fuck me, right?
looks like I'll be working through college, but I can't find a part-time job to save my life.
and the job I have now?  well, we're still looking to hire someone but even with +1 person we still need about 2 more to make any real difference in our workloads.
it'd also help if we hired people with experience in this field, but I don't get to participate in interviews or anything so whatevs.
so it'll be one or two classes a semester for the foreseeable future for me.

things with the bf are going well.
I was kinda worried living together would be a big change for us but so far it hasn't been.
to be fair, I did stay over at his place more often than not.
so not much has changed between us at all.

one thing that did change, though.
he got st:tng season 3 on bluray for christmas, and oh wow it is a huge difference.
it's like I've never watched this show before!
for the last couple of months we've been watching through the star trek series in chronological order (even watched the animated series which was surprisingly very good!) and we just finished season 2 of tng, so we switched to the blurays and goodness y'all it's crazy.
it's like watching a movie!

we also went to a stars game when we were in dallas for christmas.
we actually planned ahead and purchased a tiny fm-radio for us to listen to ralph & razor during the game, and I was surprised by how much more I enjoyed the game than I usually enjoy live games.
to be fair, ralph & razor are super fun to listen to.
like, at some point during the game, the opposing team's goalie got hit in such a way that his helmet came off.  Razor made the comment that they used to not stop play for that, ending with "Man Up!"
the bf and I burst out laughing and the people around us glanced at us like we were crazy.  joke's on them for not listening to the broadcast!
we also waited too long to buy tickets, and the stars had been on a winning streak, so we ended up spending way too much for our usual seats.
since I bought the tickets the bf bought us a couple of jerseys!
we went for the bromance; he's got a jamie benn jersey and I've got a tyler seguin jersey.
can you believe they picked benn and not seguin for the canadian olympic team?  they play so well together, and honestly imo seguin is a better player than jamie benn, but wtf do I know this is only my second year watching hockey.
good to see kari is gonna be representing the fins!  I love that man!  I wanna get a hermit crab, paint his shell with a big 32 on it, and name him kari.  kari the crab.  and tweet that to the guys who do the intermission shows.

the "man cave" is going well.
this house has a finished basement and the bf has set up the projector down there.
it's at the complete opposite end of the house from the bedrooms, so he can stay up late watching movies or anime and I have no idea.
aside from all the things wrong with this house, it is pretty great for us.
we'll need to get started on work orders pretty soon, and the electrical wiring has been a real problem, and the heating here is crazy, but I can definitely call this place home.
plus, I like to think living in crappy apartments & houses is at least letting me know what I will and won't compromise on in my future home.  like a pantry!  I need a pantry.  and a kitchen with lots of counter space.  it seems like common sense, but until you don't have it you don't realize exactly how important it is.
at least I didn't, anyway.
the kitchen here is leaps and bounds ahead of what he had in lubbock.  but the wiring, ugh!  he's got a smallish fryer and a couple of different types of electric grills, and he can't run the fryer and a grill at the same time without popping the breaker.  the computer room is gonna be the same way once he gets his second desktop hooked up - we're actually gonna need to hire an electrician to run another circuit into the computer room.  no joke on that.

new year's was kinda lame for us.
the bf had to turn in his keys for the place in lubbock by jan 02, so we spent the night on an air mattress in a mostly empty house, and the day moving the last few things of his out of his house into my house.
I haven't gotten the chance to move much from lubbock to here though.  my big stuff, sure, but stuff like my action figures are still in lubbock.
we'll be in town today, so maybe I'll get to move some stuff back.

and I think you're about caught up for now.
I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season.

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