Wednesday, February 19, 2014 :::

part of history

so, the bf and I went to denver for the long weekend
we went to a weed store.
it was like teavana, they didn't have samples but they sure had us smell everything.
it was a crazy experience and I hope spring breakers don't ruin it.

I was also pretty surprised at the demographic.
we had to wait a while (the couch was super comfy though, and huge enough that we all had seats) and just the people coming in and going out...  there was a soccer mom, an older gentleman in his mid 50s, several couples in their 30s-40s, a couple of frat boys and a sorority bitch came in as we were leaving.  there was also an entire family that came in together, well, all of them that were over 21 anyway.
I guess I knew that "everyone smokes" but sitting there in a waiting room in the recreational queue was still kinda weird.
and soccer mom was making random conversation with me about her wait, some game she plays on her phone, and how with a med card you get to skip the line.

so yes, it is about 8 miles closer to Denver than it is to Dallas for us anymore.
we also stopped by an ikea while they were there but qq they didn't have my tv stand.

I leave you with my receipt, and I am off to try some homemade grilled candied pineapple.

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