Thursday, April 10, 2014 :::


so I went to the doc a couple of times, I got two different chicks, and both were pretty convinced my coughing was allergy related.
even though I don't have allergies.
but whatevs, I started to cough less this past sunday and have been improving since then.
soon I'll be cough-free ^_^

the bf made this amazing thing the other night,
and it was ~awesome~
you should totally try it if you have the time to make the cheese sauce
(that's the sauce his sis made this past christmas)

we're still moving stuff from lubbock.
it's such a pain; I spend all week working and then about every other weekend moving shit
I still haven't unpacked much, mostly because I need furniture.
in lubbock my tv was mounted to my wall, and I don't know that they'd let me do that here.
so instead I'm hoping to get this tv stand, next time I can visit an ikea.
pretty much the same situation for my bookshelf - I built that 8'x10' bookshelf and then screwed it into the wall.  I'm looking at this guy as a replacement, but still need to make it to an ikea
the bf is also looking into a new bed, so we're gonna haft rent an suv or something to get all the boxes back.
if we ever actually make it to ikea.
as for my bed, I've moved the posts but the bed itself is still in lubbock.
the bf got me a ps3 for my bday, and I moved my tv last weekend, and I just found my 360 earlier today, so hopefully we can get stuff set up soon-ish.

this leasing company does six month inspections, which is super fucking creepy.
as long as I'm paying rent imo you can leave me alone, but it's not like we had any other options (aside from buying a house) when we moved.
I wanna grow up and buy a house.
I also wanna graduate.

I also need a nas.
and a new gaming pc.

** I was gonna include links to the ikea furniture I've been hoping to buy, but I can't find it on their website.  it seems like the stuff may have been discontinued.  fuck me, right?

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