Tuesday, October 14, 2014 :::

ugly sock

pre-wod patch dropped today, including the new character models. not only does she look like a "let me speak to your manager!" but her hips are even wider than before!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014 :::

the dark mark

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already, but the cs prof here at enmu is pretty much a waste of space.
I've got a test in cs102 later today and I've been studying by listening to her lectures that I recorded and the notes I took.  did I mention I do love notability?
this cs prof...  fml.
I'm seriously considering switching majors because I don't think I'll be learning a thing from her.
this cs102 course, Computer Science Orientation, seems like it ~could~ be really interesting.
in the last couple of lectures I've listened to not only did she say she'd "have to look that up" twice BUT she also gave us bad information about logic gates!
I'd never seen these symbols before so I didn't accidentally draw the XOR when she drew the OR...  she fucking drew the XOR and told us it was OR!
fuck, dude.
I feel so hopeless.
I want to go talk to the CS advisor and say, "So can I be blunt?  Is she really gonna be the CS prof?" and then change my major if he says yes.
thing is, it's really not fair.  it's that she's a terrible teacher, not that I don't think I can handle it.  this cs102 course in particular, there's no textbook so it's just her disjointed lectures.
I'm glad cs123 has a textbook.
every other professor I've had here has been awesome.  surely they won't be keeping her, right?
if I could get away with enough financial aid I'd double major in cs & mis, and at this point, I'm seriously considering dropping cs and just switching to mis.  but I don't ~want~ to switch.  I just want to get away from her.

edit:  another lecture and more XOR instead of OR drawings!  WTF!

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