Friday, November 14, 2014 :::

home stretch

man it's been a tough week, and it's gonna keep at it until the end of the semester.
and I need to ask my old boss if I can go back to work during the winter break.
I'm sleepy. =/
company tonight though, hopefully the ol' riggsatoni & amy will come in (weather permitting).  I'm pretty excited to see them ^_^

In other news, the bf found some space heaters that are supposed to be awesome, so hopefully that'll help with the house.
This house is so poorly insulated, and that's not just me talking.  Seriously right now my fingers are numb.
The warmest room in the house is the computer room, with all these comps in here it can get pretty toasty.  The bedrooms aren't too bad but the living room, kitchen, and especially the basement and the sun room, are literally at least 10 - 20 degrees colder than the bedrooms.
We also bought some weather stripping last night so hopefully that'll help too, but we'll definitely still need to do some work on the windows.

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